Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joe Pankowski, Final Project Proposal

Joe Pankowski

March 30, 2010

508 EV Graduate Seminar

Final Project Proposal

For my final project I would like to research and write about the artist Fernando Orellana. He was mentioned to me during the second semester reviews and I have looked though his work. I enjoyed the absurdity he finds in the mechanical and the importance in his work for the combined use of old and new medias. He also seems to have an interest in grotesque and disturbing imagery that can be found in his paintings. I am also interested in this imagery, and it's found mainly in my drawings. I may look at how that sensibility is transfered over to his robotic and interactive work. Some of his work has political concepts behind them but I want to concern myself mainly with the aesthetic of his work. This aesthetic is the reason I would like to use him as a central example in this project to better understand a certain art making that I have been interested in ever since I was introduced to Rube Goldberg illustrations. I will also find other examples of this kind of work to compare and contrast the different variations of this "Goldbergian" aesthetic. I believe there is this beauty being found in the process of an action or communication being filtered through a mechanical process that artists like Orellana are tapping into and thats what I want concentrate on. This research will help me as I progress through this program and can be a part the foundation for my thesis.