Wednesday, March 4, 2009

funding through residencies

I would pursue funding though residencies via TransArtist to further bring the 'mobile garden', 'bring a plant to work day', and other public art projects and happenings to more cities.

The first two residencies that seem workable and in large enough areas to be able to work on such projects are:

Residency in Japan:


Research Program runs from the beginning of September to the end of March. There is a place for 15 - 20 participants of artists, and for a few other of curatorial study.


ARTIST - Artist in his/her 20's - 30's. Fluent in English or Japanese (preferably both languages)
CURATORIAL STUDY - Person who is in his/her 20's - 30's. Work experience in contemporary art or majored in art/art history. Fluent in English(Speaking, reading and writing)


The official working languages of CCA Kitakyushu are Japanese and English. Most of the staff, professors/lecturers speak English. The participants have to be fluent in English, and are also expected to speak enough Japanese in everyday life.


FIRST STAGE EXAMINATION: International committee operates the first selection on the basis of the candidates' application form and materials.
* The interview is usually executed about one month after the deadline for the application form (the deadline is stated in the form).
* Selected candidates are notified the schedule of the interview.
* The results are announced by the same procedure in each stage.
* CCA Kitakyushu does not accept telephone inquiries regarding the result.


THE TUITION: 360,000 Japanese Yen (including fee for the program, use of individual studio, the access to the facilities
THE SCHOLARSHIP: The participants can apply for CCA scholarship, that will be confirmed in the interview. Besides it, foreign students are advised to have a grant from their own country.
THE LIVING COST: Expected living cost in Kitakyushu is about 60,000 - 80,000 yen par month. It may be possible to offer an apartment with reasonable rent.

For further information:

Research Program CCA Kitakyushu
CCA Kitakyushu
2-6-1 3F Ogura Yahata-Higashi-ku
Kitakyushu 805-0059
JapanPhone +81 93 663 1615
Fax + 81 93 663 1610

Residency in Germany:

Application round is completed / Next Application round

The application round for a fellowship 2009-2011 in the artists residency and the art, science & business program was completed by October 31, 2008.

The applications are currently being registered; the results of the jury selection will not be made public before March 2009. Rejected applications will be returned with a letter of rejection by surface mail in the months following the jury decisions.

The next application round will take place between July and October 2010 for a fellowship during the time period 2011-2013.

Applications sent outside of the application round cannot be considered and the materials will be disposed.

I have chosen these two residencies because they appear to be academy and gallery related and not funded privately, though I'm sure that could change. I feel the access through networking may have easier access through these type of institutions.

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