Saturday, January 23, 2010

Response 1 - Ippolito Response

Ippolito puts forward the idea that 'Cheating is the pedagogy of the Internet' and humorously explains how some people are so antsy about sharing work by examples like lecturers licensing lecture notes and at the same time how people like sharing and collaborating online their original work making them available for reuse/remix. There are several advantages to promoting such a collaborative and sharing environment in the internet like free software that can be modified and customized for personal use. The academics benefit most from the readily available resources from the open source society by effective use of them in teaching, training and research. On the other hand, the quality of such programs depends on the motivation, activity and donations received in the small group of talented programmers responsible for the development and maintenance of open source software. Some are widely used and even better than software coming out of major corporations. Licenses like CC for non-commercial use help people to use and remix the work , to make it better and get famous sometimes.

But, how many people use JUST creative commons licensed and open source software to create and develop their works? This is an easy question to answer. Not many. The dependence on copyrighted work and software is inevitable one way or the other unless you want your work to be limited to a very small set of users (atleast for now).

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