Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eduardo Navas Curatorial Essay for Transitio_MX, New Media Biennale, Mexico City

I've found Navas's text interesting but in some points not so clear. The first section of the essay is called: “The Influence of Non-places in the Concept of Latin America” by reading this first section is hard for me to understand how Latin America is/was influenced by Non-Places. Of course it is, but I can't grasp how Navas think it is since this first section is used mostly to talk about the works, not about Non-Places/Latin America relation.
The concept of glocality as presented in the text refers to "think global, act local" I was thinking what does it means to act locally. This arises the problem of the Museum or Galley space, both of them are also Non-Places, even more, it can be argued that art is a producer of non-places as much as any mayor multinational. Any white space which could be placed in any other part of the world with an almost identical internal structure, providing an almost identical experience, is not a non-place? Are itinerant art shows working in this platform?
Maybe acting locally from an art curatorial point of view could be to select works that are site specific, works that even if talking about global problems could only make sense within local conditions. Another project presented at Transitio_MX 2009 was Ashok Sukumaran's "Recurrencies” curated by Gunalan Nadarajan. In this public artwork Sukumaran got permission to take on a public light display usually used to promote a national symbol, and reconfigured the already existing lights to create a corn cob, which is a national food in Mexico. The sign includes an arrow that points to a mobile cart that sells corn for 12 pesos on the same spot daily.

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