Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Geospatial Environment Algorithm Application and Instrumentation Kit (Just for Men Kit)

Geospatial Environment Algorithm Application and Instrumentation Kit (Just for Men Kit)

DIY kit creates custom smart decision list algorithms for periodic environmental maintenance tasks

Kit includes:

dwelling information software
executive decision list manager
power tools and hardware daemon
smart agent user interface calibration tool
geospatial 3D surface mapping database
special projects rootkit

Men are asked questions about their private dwelling place using a simple software-based survey. Information on rooms, hallways, cabinets, closets and other areas of a dwelling complex are used to create custom decision lists. Men identify power tools and other hardware supplies available for environmental antibacterial and other microbiological control tasks. Inventory of laundry studio, kitchen laboratory, bathrooms and other work areas allow for instrumentation and application of decremented granular functions. Custom decision lists are instrumented to task completion for efficient sorting and prioritization. The smart agent user interface tool calibrates strategic, tactical and operational functions with power tools and hardware daemons. Relational flowcharts guide men to interactive global hypermedia tuned for technical environmental awareness. Geospatial 3D surface mapping database allows efficient control of pollutant contamination for every room in the dwelling complex. Special projects rootkit retains periodicity of routine tasks while enabling generative household hacking.

Example granulated survey categories:
bathroom sink, shower drain, microwave oven, dishwasher, pots and pans storage cabinet, refrigerator, broom storage, vacuum cleaner attachments, oven cleaning, paper towel resupply, small houseplants, large houseplants, bathroom floor, wall to wall carpeting, linens, kitchen based power tools, long term rug care, toaster maintenance, countertops, light switches, dishwasher operation.

Example decision list algorithm and flowchart:
is garbage can especially stinky or full?
take out kitchen garbage
locate antibacterial storage
is antibacterial resupply adequate? if no, add to shopping list
apply antibacterial to garbage can surfaces
aerate and dry garbage can
locate garbage can liner storage
is garbage can liner storage adequate? if no, add to shopping list
replace garbage can liner
test garbage can

geospatial 3D surface mapping database

Geospatial Environment Algorithm Application and Instrumentation Kit (Just for Men Kit) is a stand-alone application that generates paper checklists. A web version is also available. Computer and printer required.

update 3/2/2010
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  1. Just to be clear, this is a tool kit for managing daily domestic tasks, designed for men, that will manifest itself in the form of lists and 3d augmented reality environment mapping? In other words, users will be able to "see" what needs to be done in each virtual representation of their domicile?

    How will you implement the software for this? How will the rooms be mapped?

  2. So this sounds like Self-Sims? I am weary of the gendering of this project, I would personally pose it gender neutral. Otherwise the art is in the posing not the product. Also if this program is successful then there is no social space created because all your men are busy cleaning and making shopping lists. I might also pitch this as a residency so that mapping isn't an entry barrier for a participant, so that the activity becomes the experience instead of the head time for making the activity possible.


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