Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Social Space - DIY KIT - idea

Disposable / Junk Camera - Slave Flash Trigger

Idea originally arose from watching "Mythbusters" try to beat a traffic cam by placing interference lens between the plat and the camera. My idea was to create a flash license plate frame to overexpose the traffic camera… myth confirmed?

Actually, I think I may have had this idea before watching "Mythbusters" when I worked in a museum gallery and made paintings. We are all most likely aware that flash photography is not allowed in most museum galleries… if photography is allowed at all. This is the true origin of the flash frame… to create works of art that are un-photographable when a flash is used. I also like the idea that my work would have to be separated from others in the museum gallery because of its potential damaging effects. The work would demand for themselves Rothko esque room of there own.

Since this time the idea has grown, as a reference to lightning for my "Black Cloud" installation, as a public intervention related to Julius Von Bismarck's Image-Fulgrator, and as a linear mass chain reaction. If this project can become sufficiently simple and inexpensive a series of "Flash Triggers" could be placed down a road / walkway / path and cause a seemingly infinite flash domino event.


  1. Are the flashes triggered with delay, in-line with the trigger or are the flashes in front of the triggers? Do the flashes face the trigger-er?

    I can see a number of possibilities in this kit but, for me, it is important that the mechanics are better defined to understand what type of impact this has on the subject and any viewers.

  2. I think this is a really clever idea and would really love to see it in action (on a car). I wanted to hear more about the technology/way you plan on executing this as a DIY kit. Have you considered the dangers it might cause to other drivers? I am wondering why in your proposal you are discussing exhibiting this in the gallery prior to discussing why anyone would want to make this in the first place (i.e. legal implications it might have on a social space) I guess I am confused as to whether you are creating the initial thought for use on a car or if you are developing this for your black cloud.


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