Monday, March 1, 2010

Baldwin - Cocoon/Travelling Space Response

I'm really excited bout the exploration of eh space between creating work and the path it goes down - this is something Ive done in some of my own work, tracking down through a stats panel the sites that post articles on the mobile garden and checking them out to see: how it was framed; how it was viewed by their readers through comments, discussions, retweets, etc; what the overall reach was, at least electronically.

"We seek to understand spacing activities behind the travels and view the travels from a spatial
perspective focusing on the relation between transportation and transformation,
of emptiness, form and content."

This exciting role of logistics manager/coordinator/tracker is something on the nexus of new media, a conceptual new media in my opinoin - in like with what Duchamp did to traditional arts - this can do for new media and other current media work. It is not also exciting but one of teh economically viable ways of producing work. The focus isn't on the chair, if it goes well with other furniture, or if someone breaks their neck sitting on it - but the attention around and about it and what the work generates in terms of response, critical and whimsical.

The authors as "how did this happen?"

It had to happen, as many movements have democratized art production and appreciation, there is then a failure of agency. The power dynamics of exhibition and representation also drop out when this democratization happens. The artist find themselves ina strange place as maker, diacourse, historian (past, present, and future), marketing director, and the person funding the construction of the work, even if conceptual and only the time is labored.

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