Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cocoon, Joe Pankowski

When I think of this cocoon piece and project I think of the countless times I have come across people on buses and trains who want to sleep or just get away from the chaotic space around them. They kind of zip up there jacket, tuck their head into the jacket, and flap their jacket hood over their head so they are totally emerged in their jacket. I have even seen people tuck their arms up out of their jacket sleeves placing them in the center of this make shift space. I feel they are looking for regeneration, day takes a lot out of people and if they can just be mentally detached from it for just a half an hour maybe they will feel a little more sane. It's like the quote in the article; "You carry your space of calm and quite in a bag, to be used when you need it." Instead of dealing with the given space alloted to us, the cocoon idea gives us a abstract control over our space. I could see this explaining why most people desire to own a car instead of using mass transit in most cases. The car is a cocoon module that is personalized with seat and steering covers, scents, music, and movie entertainment. It's a space that people think they can control making them feel less stressed about the reality of the real chaotic world.

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