Tuesday, April 6, 2010

joe pankowksi; responsive architecture

This reading reminded me of a class I took last semester; landscape architecture. The class main infuses was on the move from the "natural" environment being separated from the human built environment to a more integrated system that places our society and urban structures back into nature. Many of the speakers that came to the class spoke of the line between what is thought of as nature and man made structures becoming less absolute. Many of the designers were using overlapping grids to push human activities, infrastructure, and natural traits of a location together. When these designers talked about these landscape designs they would go into great depth in to how these different layers of activity would respond to one another and what were the effects on each other. The materials discussed in this reading I think intersect this way of designing because its opening up nature as something we are a part of and that we can alter and reuse in our structures. I think as a culture we need to think of ourselves as more of responsible beavers that are connected to nature rather than something separate that just spoils nature.

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