Tuesday, April 6, 2010

joe pankowski; Digital Fabrications

Designing objects digitally has lead to the development of diverse shapes and environments that would have been impossible to even think up without the current design technology. This type of design with the use of repetitive geometry takes the power of the module and gives it character and soul. These objects are developed mathematically but with curved volumes and stretched forms they feel more alive and natural then traditional hand built materials that tend to straight and right angled forms. It makes you see how mathematical the structures of nature are. For example when you cut a nautilus shell in half and see its almost perfect spiral forms. One video that comes to mind when I see these geometric digitally fabricated designs is of a wind powered kinetic sculpture designed by Theo Jansen. They make me think that we as a species will eventually get so good at this fabrication that we will be able to produce exact replicas of nature.

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