Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RR5 Responsive Architecture

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The conversational aspect of Responsive Architecture / Performing Instruments resonated with my current work. Omar Khan and Philip Beesley are concerned with architecture as conversation in the section entitled Mutual Relations. My thesis work, Network as Metaphor: Andyland-Ukraine (2010) architected an unstructured structure to which respondants were to respond. The resulting conversations and the possibility of capturing those "transitional objects" are on display in the Great Space April 6-10, 2010. And like the transitional objects Philip Beesley suggests, such as dog toys and mobile phones, the postcards and related ephemera are just that - ephemeral remnants and symbols of an even more ephemeral conversation that is past, present and future. They are "threshold" objects that are part of me, the artist, and part the respondants (and now partially physically on display in the gallery). The conversation is the hybrid form.

[pictured: installation of Network as Metaphor: Andyland-Ukraine, with mail art and prints by Lubomyr Tymkiv, Ukraine]

Continuing the theme of geometry and language (as well as architecture) several media forms were explored in creating the work, and language is at also play. Web, email, as well as postal mail were the media geometries used. I do truly believe that media are architected and have specific structures (think network television's primordial one-to many architectural model which has only recently changed). Ukrainian, English and Russian were explored in the work, and English and Ukrainian mostly used. I wasn't really sure of what to expect, but I've found myself inside of a pitched cultural battle with this work along the lines of Russian vs Ukrainain language use in government (civic), schools, media (including web) and other public spaces. Thus language as a media architecture is also relevant here.

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