Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Joe Pankowksi Reading Response 4

People always ask why I don’t eat meat and it’s not really because of animal cruelty, it’s more about were it comes from and how detached I am from it. This slow design idea I believe is in the same frame of thinking. We as a culture of consumers only think about the transfer of a product to the store in to our possession and after that as long as it doesn’t break or go out of style we don’t really think about it. The designed objects talked about in the Slow Design Principles really push the user of the object to think about what the object does for them and where the materials came to make it. I can just hear some of the disgusted responses by some people who might have seen the lamps made from lamb stomachs and then went home to sit on their leather coaches and eat their animal products that no longer look anything like the animal they came from without even cringing. I don’t care if someone eat steak or has a whole furniture set made of leather just realize it came from an animal that ate up and used resources it self to produce you something. I think if people did this more often people would waste less and try to care of what they had instead of replacing blindly.

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