Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Situated Advocacy

Data Clouds / InfoVis = Bad / Lack Criticism

"Producing a nice diagram is not all that is required in making sense of something." but reducing a nice diagram of EPA data could hopefully produce a government job. No one ever said or asked these InfoVis "students" to be critical... they are just doing homework. Who are the artists making such charts and what data are they producing / visualizing?

Arduino now has "Store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world. Pachube is a convenient, secure & scalable platform that helps you connect to & build the 'internet of things'."

Producing a contained object collecting data in a gallery setting does not create a dialog... it may create an eloquent interesting work of art but not something socially relevant. (See Penticost) Why is one 50% bigger than the other? Come on! this is your great revelation...

Self-promotional fluff... I hate that picture of Dr. Jeremijenko in the lab coat or maybe I just hate her because she took my first name as part of her last.

I didn't read the second interview... but it does have some punchy Data Cloud / infoVis in it.

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