Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 3 - Response 1 - How Situated Advocacy Works

How Stuff is Made - is an hopeful exciting resource of “manufacturing processes and labor conditions involved in the production of contemporary products.” This is first exciting because it exposes both consumers and corporations to a community which will not police but observe and be informed. This will create a community of both more responsible corporations (or better at hiding injustices) and a more aware public (or more dependent upon this community to do the job for them). The site is easy enough to navigate but indistinguishable as to if it is a proposal for said site or the site itself. It does have a strength in connecting to works like yes men and similar works, but the danger is in protecting the information collectors. I think it resembles a cross of the better business bureau and wikipedia - which is a nice place to begin.


Personally I would like to see this site on it’s own feet apart from a university server.

Situated Advocacy - I get an immediate vibe of what can be measured can be managed, and to tie it into the How Stuff is Made site. While it predicts a conversation it projects juxtaposition. I enjoy the images, some that read like serious examinations (the two genetically identical trees) and other that read like playful studies of the environment they arrive from (Dr. Jerimijenko examining purposefully the relevant data).

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