Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slow Design Response

I think Slow Design is a misnomer and they ought to have named it different. When someone asks you to slow down, stop living life in the fast lane and ponder slowly the curious surroundings in which we live in. It misled me when I first heard about it. I would rather call it 'Meditative Design'. Slow design speaks of realization of the self(the designer) with respective to his/her environment, meditate on them, let the gravity of the situation digest and walk through a space where time stands still, let's say Matrix mode or like when Hiro stops time. Then meticulously planning, usually in a group (a commune) that is global, online and extremely collaborative, the realization of this design that not only makes a statement about the environment in which we live in but also be aesthetically pleasing as good design ought to be.

Buddhist monks meditate while the take slow steps across an enclosed space in circles. I look at these designers like monks with a purpose, trying to realize their place in the world through their designs. They communicate with nature just as spirit seekers do and get to a place where time slows down, the heart rate is magically relaxed, the blood flow is fresh and nervousness and anxiety is unheard of. There is a facebook note I found that echoes my opinion of how Slow Design is something that must have come out of Zen meditation and stuff like that.


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